Double Displacement Reaction
1)The products obtained when HCl reacts with NaOH are ……………………. & ………………… respectively. Such reactions are called ………………………

2)What is the precipitate formed on mixing the solution of barium chloride and sodium sulphate?

3)Identify the product A in the reaction Al₂O₃ (s) + HClO₄ (aq) --> ………A (aq) + H₂O (l)

4)Four students were asked to study the reaction between barium chloride and sodium sulphate. They reported their experiment as follows. Which one is a correct report ?

5)Which of the following reactions represents the reaction between barium chloride and sodium sulphate correctly?

6)Identify the product(s) of the following double displacement reaction CoCl₂ (aq) + Na₂CO₃ (aq) -->

7)Which of the following is not a precipitation reaction?

8)Consider the reaction Aluminium sulphate + Calcium hydroxide--> Aluminium hydroxide +Calcium sulphate. The stoichiometric ratio for the balanced equation are respectively:

9)What is the acid formed by the reaction between lead acetate and hydrochloric acid?

10)Which one of the following is a precipitation reaction?

11)Identify the precipitate obtained by the reaction between lead nitrate and sodium sulphate.

12)Which one of the following is true about a double displacement reaction?

13)Which one of the following represents a double displacement reaction?

14)Geethu added a small quantity of dil. HCl into a precipitate of barium sulphate in a test tube obtained by adding barium chloride solution to sodium sulphate solution. Which one of the following is the correct observation?

15)While performing an activity in the lab, four students added sodium sulphate solution to four different solutions taken in four different test tubes. In which test tube is a white precipitate observed after the reaction ?


16)Four students A, B, C and D are provided with boiling tubes containing aqueous solution of copper sulphate. They passed hydrogen sulphide gas through each test tube. It was seen that a precipitate is formed. They noted the colour of the precipitate which is recorded in the table given below.The correct observation is that of student:

17)In which test tube is a white precipitate formed after a double displacement reaction?



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